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We are a hands-on technology growth investor. A trusted partner for ambitious entrepreneurs, applying our cutting-edge expertise to enhance our portfolio companies.

Our mission is to work with entrepreneurs to responsibly build prosperous technology companies. Together we create success stories to benefit the whole of society.

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Voland Technology Growth Fund I invests in Finnish, ambitious, growing technology companies. We make minority investments in companies with a proven business model. We work hand-in-hand with them to take them to the next level. We create value: responsible, strong and fast companies that can weather the storm and make the most of any tailwinds for the best exits.

We have a strong emphasis on strategy and its disciplined implementation. As co-entrepreneurs, we work to reach our portfolio company’s full potential, while enjoying the ride, together.


Digital technologies continue to change industries and value chains at an unprecedented speed. The untapped entrepreneurial ambition within Finland is the perfect platform for international technology success. But the investment capability and the experience to define and then lead the necessary strategic steps has been missing. Voland offers entrepreneurs and portfolio companies the hands-on expertise and tools to guide them through the process.


Download our responsibility report and read more on our responsible conduct here.

In addition to our passion for technology, we are fully committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility. Our strong emphasis on responsible conduct is reflected in the value creation of our portfolio companies. We believe that improving and integrating ESG into growth companies’ strategies is vital for them to flourish. We not only identify and mitigate ESG risks, but also identify business opportunities based on sustainable development and integrate ESG in the strategy.


Growth Capital is one of the fastest growing private equity strategies in the market today. It has proven to provide superior investor returns with a moderate risk.

However, we believe supporting growing technology companies with funding and co-entrepreneurship is often the key in many a successful company’s lifecycle. This approach can realise the growth ambitions of a company’s entrepreneur and prevent good companies from being acquired too early, benefiting all stakeholders.

We unleash the value within the Finnish technology companies we work with, responsibly supporting their growth. As a result, we can benefit the whole of society. We create superior value by working hands-on with our portfolio companies, applying our unparalleled experience.

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With our distinguished value-creation approach we take ambitious entrepreneurs to the next level.

In addition to capital, we offer deep domain expertise and strategic insights to ambitious technology entrepreneurs. Plus, a professional partnership and co-entrepreneurship. With the help of our advisors, we find the best board level talent and act as responsible partners, sharing the challenge of developing the business to reach jointly set goals.

We collaborate with management teams and provide access to the right mix of operating skills and specialist sector experience. We assess the company's status quo and together plan the growth strategies we can jointly take to enhance strategic value, utilizing our proven value creation framework.

Are you a technology entrepreneur? We’d love to meet up. Please fill in the contact form or send us an email.


Cloud1 is a Finnish specialist company focused on data-driven cloud service solutions. Cloud1 helps its customers transform data into real business benefits, improve productivity and increase process efficiency. Cloud1's services consist of Azure expertise, architecture design, agile development of analytics, data and integration solutions, as well as Microsoft advanced analytics and low code solutions. 

Investment year: 2022. Revenue €10,1M (2023). Read more: www.cloud1.fi


Balanco is a reputable accounting services company providing comprehensive financial solutions. Balanco challenges established players by introducing innovative technologies such as AI, cloud services and automation, and renewing the established ways of working to the benefit of its customers. With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, Balanco has positioned itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to streamline their accounting tasks, tax strategies, payroll processing and it offers a wide range of business advisory services.

Investment year: 2023. Revenue €10,4M (2023). Read more: www.balanco.fi/en

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Biila Solutions is a technology company operating in Finland and Sweden, known for its advanced car logistics platform. Biila's main customers are car dealerships, maintenance shops and leasing companies, for whom Biila moves any car within 29 hours on average. A network of approximately 1,800 active drivers is available through Biila's platform. In 2023, approximately 90,000 cars were moved through Biila.

Investment year: 2023. Revenue €9,1M (2023). Read more: www.biila.io


Consultor Finland and Profit Consulting merge, and the newly merged company offers extensive project management and procurement services as well as exceptionally deep technical IT expertise. Consultor Finland and Profit Consulting have earned the trust of major clients through quality and have established long-term relationships. The new name, logo and brand will be published in October, 2024.

Investment year: 2024. Revenue €19,2M (2023). Read more: www.profitconsulting.fi/ and www.consultor.fi



We are a highly experienced and diverse team delivering proven results and uncompromised responsible conduct. Each of our partners have over 20 years’ experience acting in executive positions in the technology sector in Finland and abroad. Combined with our trusted advisors, we have a solid track record of thriving business conduct and an excellent reputation in the field.

We understand the unique operational pressures that growth-stage companies face. To realise our portfolio’s full potential, we act as hands-on co-entrepreneurs. We are pragmatic, hard-working partners, who believe life is too short to be spent on meaningless pursuits.


We work together with entrepreneurs to responsibly build prosperous technology companies. These create success stories which benefit the whole of society.



Values form the basis of what we do and the rationale for our passion. As a result, we do not compromise on our values. No matter the situation.

We achieve magical results by supporting each other, valuing diversity, appreciating each other’s contribution, and being our authentic selves in every interaction.

Voland has an unwavering commitment to responsible conduct undertaken with the highest integrity. We always act in a respectful and professional manner.

We value courage, ambition, and execution, and we want to make a positive impact to the surrounding society and economy.




Veera is the Managing Partner at Voland. She forged her career as technology entrepreneur at Space Systems Finland Oy. She is a visionary strategist and a courageous growth leader who believes that purpose, values, and culture are essential in company development. She is inspired by creating company value through systematic strategy and development work.

+358 400 658 589


Jyrki is Finland’s most experienced M&A advisor in the technology sector. Jyrki has participated in hundreds of transactions during his career helping technology companies, entrepreneurs, and private equity rms in buy- and sell-side transactions. His integrity, honesty and reliability mean Jyrki is highly respected in the industry.

+358 40 743 2391


Erkka is a business-driven technology enthusiast with strong international experience in growing high-tech companies. Erkka’s pragmatic hands-on skills, combined with deep theoretical knowledge, adds value to businesses in various sectors, such as professional services, software, telecoms, industry, and finance.

+358 40 713 1568


Samuli has built a career as a senior executive and entrepreneur in public and private technology companies and has a deep understanding of corporate finance and development, M&A transactions, and IPOs. He has been instrumental in numerous acquisitions and successful IPOs of technology companies.

+358 40 709 2848

Marcus Blomqvist

Marcus is an entrepreneur with an extensive track record in a global M&A advisory company. He has helped several growth companies in the roles of advisor, investor, and board member, as well as advised on numerous IPOs. In addition, he has a solid understanding of the renewable energy sector and experience in real estate private equity.

+358 50 581 0980


Max Lehojärvi, Associate

Max is a born team player with a strong background in investment banking after being part of multiple IPO and M&A processes. Max’s capability to thrive in a highly intensive and demanding environment combined with his problem-solving and analytical skills, allows him to be a valuable team member.

+358 50 551 9393

All of our emails are in the form of forename.surename@voland.fi




Petri is a board professional specialising in developing growth companies. He is inspired by corporate transformation projects, M&A, IPO’s and growth management. He has completed six successful First North IPOs (Bilot, Siili, Detection Technology, Vincit, Nextgames, LeadDesk). Petri has also been involved in numerous investments and exits from three different private equity fund vintages.



Ossi is an ICT professional with 40 years of experience including directing Andersen Consulting and running the EMEA consulting business of Oracle. During his 20 years as a board professional, he has acted in the boards of 70 companies, including Basware, Insta Group, Idean Enterprises, Fluido, Qentinel, Remedy Entertainment and Salomaa Group.



Jukka has over 35 years of technology industry experience: first in sales, product, and strategy management at Sonera (Telia), Cisco Systems and F-Secure, later as a consultant and advisor for high growth companies, such as Ekahau (acquired by Ookla) and Applifier (acquired by Unity). Responsible for the strategy practice at Gearshift Group he has helped numerous companies increase their customer value and scale up their revenues – while thinking strategically two steps ahead.



Jussi is an investor specialising in companies generating technology-based value added over legacy assets. He has a solid track record from ICT start-up business development, executive management, strategic planning, and exit processes. His research background from studies on factors affecting technology company growth contributes to his analytical and critical thinking.


Sirpa is one of Finland’s most experienced professionals in the field of CSR and ESG. A former PwC partner, today she is a board member in BSAG and an advisor in  Outokumpu Oyj’s ESG Advisory Council and Equilibrium.ai. Sirpa is the author of two books about the CSR, including Strategisen yritysvastuun käsikirja.


Kaisa is an experienced entrepreneur in the field of responsible business conduct. She is Finland’s leading consultant in the field of sustainability leadership, management, measurement and reporting. Kaisa has written several books in the area, such as Sijoita rahasi vastuullisesti.


Katja is the founder & CEO at Inklusiiv, an organization with a mission to create and share knowledge about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. As an alumni of the Atomico Angel Program 2020, she was selected to continue investing as part of the program in 2021-2022. Prior to Inklusiiv, Katja was the Chief Curator in the leadership team at Slush.

Seppo Kuula

Seppo is a versatile executive with over 20 years of track record in leading transformational and international business development of high-tech companies. Seppo has distinguished expertise in service-dominant business logic, culture-driven transformation, leadership, and co-creational solution sales development in companies like Unikie Oy, Enfo Oyj and Siili Solutions Oyj as well as Silo.AI.

Harry Brade

Mikko Leino



Our vision is to become the most respected private equity partner in Finland by 2030


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We work within an inspiring, high performance team culture, which values collaboration, entrepreneurship, and responsibility. Authenticity, honesty and openness always achieve the best results. Voland offers an environment where it is easy to fall in love with the job.

All our employees’ talents and opinions matter. Therefore, we operate within a low hierarchy, modern working environment, with healthy leadership principles and guaranteed responsible conduct. We offer our employees a competitive renumeration package as well as a fascinating career opportunity.

Do you love working with other inspiring minds to achieve a meaningful outcome? Then check out our vacancies on Linkedin or get in touch by email or through our contact form to arrange a meet-up.



Voland Partners is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) registered by Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) (Finanssivalvonta). Our funds are Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), and we adhere to the rules and regulations governing the management of Alternative Investment Funds, as defined in the Finnish AIFM Act (laki vaihtoehtorahastojen hoitajista 162/2014).

Voland Partners is a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA). We are involved in the activities of FVCA to promote the development of the venture capital industry and promote cooperation;  specifically in the ESG and sustainable finance working groups of the association. We are compliant with the transparency Rules and Guidelines of the association and want to promote responsibility throughout the industry.

We follow Invest Europe’s Investor Reporting Guidelines in our investor reporting. The valuation of the portfolio is done in accordance with the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation (IPEV) Guidelines.

Responsibility is in Voland’s DNA. We believe that  integrating ESG into growth company strategy is an imperative for technology companies to flourish in the future. In addition to ESG risk identification and mitigation, it is essential to identify business opportunities based on ESG development.

We obey our comprehensive Responsible Investment Policy that is based on our values, compliant with the UN PRI, mapped against the UN SGD’s, and reflects our compliance with the SFDR Article 8. It covers the whole lifecycle of how we work both internally and with our portfolio companies, starting from initial discussions, the collaboration assessment, planning  and due diligence, and finally to the value creation as co-entrepreneurs aiming at common exits. It also describes how we report to the relevant stakeholders.

Should you be interested in learning more about our Responsible Investment Policy, please contact Veera Sylvius, Managing Partner,+358400658589. 

Voland Partners does not invest in:
  • real estate, directly or indirectly through companies the primary business of which is to own real estate.
  • invest in any other investment vehicle in relation to which management fee or “carried interest” (or similar performance-based fee) is payable, provided that the Partnership may invest its cash funds in money-market instrument make an investment in derivatives or engage in ‘short sales’ or financial hedging purely for speculative purposes.
  • invest in any company which substantially focuses on:
    • the production of and trade in tobacco and related products.
    • the financing of the production of and/or trade in weapons.
    • ammunition of any kind, it being understood that this restriction does not apply to the extent such activities are part of or accessory explicit European Union policies.
    • casinos and equivalent enterprises.
    • the research, development or technical applications relating to electronic data programs or solutions, which aim specifically at supporting any activity referred to under items above.
    • internet gambling and online casinos.
    • pornography.
    • businesses that intend to enable to illegally enter into electronic data networks or download electronic data.
    • any industry, whose business conduct is in any way based on exploitative behavior, illegal activities, forced labor, or banned or sanctioned products.

The Voland Technology Growth Fund I is an ’Article 8’ fund under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”). The fund promotes environmental or social characteristics but does not have as its objective a sustainable investment.

The way we promote environmental or social characteristics is by

  • Assessing sustainability risks throughout the investment process
  • Following and improving general sustainability indicators, applicable to each portfolio company
  • Following and improving specific sustainability indicators, selected by a company-specific materiality assessment, as part of our value creation framework
  • Taking into account the specific PAI (Principal Adverse Indicator) indicators as set out in the RTS (ESA Final Report on Product Disclosures (RTS)

The Sustainability indicators measure how the environmental or social characteristics promoted by the fund are attained.

The common indicators are:
o Environmental: Carbon Footprint
o Social: Employee well-being and satisfaction
o Governance:

  • age, gender, minorities and educational diversity of the board
  • female and minority participation in management/director level positions
  • age, gender, minorities, disabilities and educational diversity of the management group
  • maturity of management structure and processes
  • measurement of employee satisfaction and other relevant well-being measures
  • board and management group level review of strategic and ESG programs
  • anti-bribery and corruption
  • internal audits
  • board and management group self -assessments
  • internal and external ESG reporting

The specific indicators are found as a result of a materiality analysis: we follow our integrated ESG approach, that is embedded in the Value Creation Framework, together with the strategic programs that identify the material development programs for each company.

Should you be interested in learning more about our Sustainable Finance Compliance, please  contact Veera Sylvius, Managing Partner,+358 400 658 589.

The Voland Technology Growth Fund I takes into account the PAI indicators as set out in Article 8 of the RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards) before the investment decision and during the investment period in the following manner:

Before Investment, as part of the Due Diligence:

  • A thorough ESG Due Diligence is conducted, containing the PAI indicators as well as other relevant parameters drawn from e.g. TCFD and SASB and other relevant frameworks

Where a specific indicator is in an unacceptable level to an extent that is considered a sustainability risk, and actions cannot be taken to remedy the situation, the investment process in halted.

Where a specific indicator is in an unacceptable level to an extent that is considered a sustainability risk, and actions can be taken to mitigate the risk, plans are made in order to reach the acceptable level in a defined time period, and the investment process is not halted.

Where a specific indicator is considered to be material in the materiality assessment, and there are possibilities to improve it, plans are made to improve it, as part of the Value Creation Plan of the investment process, and the investment process is not halted.

When investment is made, in the yearly reporting:

  • The PAI indicators are measured according to the Article 8 of the RTS
  • A historical comparison of the indicators from past periods is made
  • Plans are made on how to improve the PAI’s whose progress is not favorable. The plans will include:
    • specific, numeric targets
    • schedule
    • a nominated director responsible of reaching the specific target
  • The results are gathered in the portfolio level to indicate the overall impact of the Fund

Download our responsibility report and read more on our responsible conduct here.

When assessing the sustainability risks Voland applies the legal definition of sustainability risk included in the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR):

‘Sustainability risk’ means an environmental, social or governance event or condition that, if it occurs, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of the investment.

The definition has two core elements (1) an event/condition from the broad ESG spectrum that (2) could cause a material negative impact on the value of the portfolio. This means that Voland is expected to identify relevant ESG risks and subsequently determine which of them are material in the short, medium and long term with regard to its investment strategies.

The concept of double materiality means, that whereas the investments may have negative effects to the society of environment (Principal Adverse Impacts), the Sustainability Risks impact the investment per se.

Sustainability risks can be related to environmental, social and governance practices. Voland uses various proprietary and external tools to identify and evaluate sustainability factors and related risks. Our Investment due diligence and risk management and value creation frameworks identify and evaluate material risks.

The management of sustainability risks is integrated in our processes and are shortly described in inn our specific Responsible Investment Policy.

Impacts of sustainability risks on the returns

Sustainability factors - such as environmental, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery matters - may have a positive or negative impact on the financial performance of our investments.

Assessment of negative Impacts is made together with the risk assessment

  • Should the risk assessment reveal material risks, that we anticipate hard to mitigate, the investment process is halted. In general, no financial impact will be accepted in any investment.
  • Should we identify risks, that have financial impacts, but can be remedied, plans are made to reach the acceptable level in a defined time period, and the investment process is not halted.

Assessment of positive impact is essentially a result of the materiality analysis. ESG factor can increase cash-flows in several ways, as described in our Responsible Investment Policy.

We conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as the Voland Code of Conduct. Please report any issues to either Erkka Niemi (Chair of the Board) or Veera Sylvius (Managing Partner).

Voland Partners was founded in 2021 and is fully owned by its partners.

Voland Technology Growth Fund I, size €56.8M, 2022 vintage.

The investors of the Voland Technology Growth Fund I are Finnish institutional and private  investors. The list includes institutions like TESI, Keskinäinen työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Elo,  Valion eläkekassa, OP-Henkivakuutus Oy, Teknologiateollisuuden 100 -vuotissäätiö, Suomalainen Lääkäriseura Duodecim, and Konstsamfundet Ventures, as well as family offices like Stephen Industries Oy, Brade Oy and Novametor Oy. Furthermore, a number of successful technology  entrepreneurs like Michael Falck (Relex Solutions), Timur Kärki (Gofore),  and Antti Pelkonen (Bitfactor)  have joined Voland as investors.

Veera Sylvius, Managing Partner

tel. +358 400 658 589